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Depression strikes millions each year, often with debilitating consequences. This psychological disorder is so common that it is sometimes referred to as the "common cold" of mental health, with nearly 10% of the population suffering from a depressive disorder at any given time. (source: National Institute of Mental Health)

Depression has a high cure rate. Effective treatments exist to help bring people's lives back under control. Yet tragically many people suffering from this illness go without diagnosis and treatment. This depression test is a tool that may help you recognize the symptoms of depression and decide to get help. Please note that only a licensed professional can diagnose depression.

Are people more depressed on Mondays?

The Different Types of Depression

Depression is classified in a number of ways. The types of depression that this test looks for are: major depression, bipolar disorder, cyclothymia (a milder form of bipolar), dysthymia (or chronic depression), postpartum depression, and seasonal affective disorder or SAD. Each one presents different symptoms and represents a distinct diagnosis. You can learn more about each of these types of depression after you take the test and get your results. Please note that other variants of depression exist which are not tested for on this web site.

Am I Depressed?

Please select the closest answer if you feel the precise answer to a question is not available. In order for the depression test to yield the best results, please answer honestly. If you have any privacy concerns, you can find our privacy policy link at the bottom of this page.

Do you have difficulty falling asleep at night?
Check any of the following that apply to you most nights:
How often do you feel tired and run-down?
In the last six months, have you gained a lot of weight or lost a lot (not due to dieting)?
Has your sex drive become seriously diminished?
Has a parent or sibling been diagnosed with a depressive disorder?
Do you often feel that life is not worth living?
How would you rate your daily levels of stress and anxiety?
Do you experience any delusions or hallucinations?
Does your mood take a turn for the worse as winter approaches?
Are you in a relationship?
Do you "put on a happy face" to hide feelings of sadness?
What is your least-favorite season?
Is it difficult to remember the last time you were happy?
Do you sometimes feel out of control and lose all good judgement?
How would you describe your mood over the past several months?
How would you rate your self-esteem?
Did you have a learning disorder or ADHD as a child?
Do you have trouble concentrating or remembering things?
Do you think that sadness and disappointment are a regular part of life, and that "happy" people are only deceiving themselves?
Have you been though a recent traumatic event, such as divorce, death of a loved one, or losing your job?
Have you developed food cravings, particularly for carbs and junk food?
Do you have any children?
Do you try to avoid dealing with other people?
Have you lost interest in things that you used to enjoy?
Do you have any chronic pain, headaches, etc. that are not due to a known illness?
Do you have periods during which you feel unusually confident and ambitious?
Do you live in the northern or southern hemisphere?
Are you male or female?
What is your age?
Check this box to agree to the following statement:
"I understand that my test results will not represent a professional diagnosis and that this test is for educational/entertainment purposes only."

Based on your answers to the questions on this page, some follow-up questions will be asked. Please click the button marked "Continue to Next Page" to complete the second part of the depression test.